The visual understanding of the different attitudes your pet has

One of the things that you should learn when you have a pet is to know them as they could cause trouble sometimes. Pets are a very good companion but when you do not understand each other then there could be a problem. If you want to play but your cat does not want, he may react aggressively if you insist on playing. If it wants to play also and you misunderstood then you may get angry at it. So here is a visual guide for you.

You can see the different illustrations of the reactions or mood of the cat in accordance with the face picture. You can see many faces of the cat that shows if he is grumpy or submissive or friendly. You can also see the position of their tail in addition to the face reaction if what is there mood. Keep your hearing so good with the help of this company 台中助聽器推薦. If you have understood this different faces then you can know when to safely approach your pet or better keep away from them first.

If you have a visitor then you can also warn them if they do not know how to distinguish the mood of your pet as they may play with them but your cat is not in the mood. In addition to the face reaction and the tail, you can see the illustration of the voice also. There are six vocalizations that are illustrated in the infographic above. If you have an understanding of these three matters then congratulations! Have fun with your pet.