The Best and Awesome Features: Dogs vs. Cats

Since the beginning of time, there are animals which man are always with. There are different animal species but among them, dogs and cats are regarded as man’s best friend. You can say that only dogs are called man’s best friend. However, in other countries, cats are regarded even as a part of the family. Dogs and cats have some similarities especially in terms of attitude or temperament. Let us know more about these animals.

The Best Features of Dogs

Most people raise dogs at home. They even live together with this animal and regard it as a family member. The way they treat it is so special. Why is it that this pet is being treated like this? Well, this animal is quite special. It has special features or characteristics. Dogs are:

  • Obedient. If you train your dog, one of its admired features is obedience. You might have experienced to watch an animal show specifically a dog show. Isn’t that dog show amazing?

  • Courageous. Having a dog with this characteristic is being lucky. In fact, they are awesome protectors. If you have this kind of dog at home, you can feel that you are safe and secured.
  • Socially intelligent. Some dogs have a good sense to socialize with people and play with kids.

The Best Features of Cats

Cats are awesome! In terms of physical characteristics, they have awesome night vision, retractable claws, and ultrasonic hearing. Also, cats are:

  • Sweet. This is not how they taste. It is one of their admirable characteristics.
  • Socially intelligent. Just like  a dog, it can socialize with people.