The essential things you must know about the feline favorite, catnip

The pet owners want to give also treats to their pets and for every kind of pet, they have their own favorite food or drink to have. For your cat, they like to have the catnip. That is why if you do not know about it yet then you read through the articles and you will find the answer why catnip is a good treat to your cat and why you should give it to them once in a while. Here is the infographic.

You can read that most cats like them. If you found out that your cat likes it then now you can know what treat to give to your pet. The catnip as written above has over 250 varieties and the origin is in Asia and Europe. The five common is in the infographic and you can also plant them yourself to give to your cat once in a while and have this designing company that might help you 桃園室內設計. There is the illustration of how you can grow your own catnip plant for your favorite pet.

You can also see the five possible effect of the plant on your pet. It can make your plant sleepy or aggressive or dance. Whatever is the effect, you must be ready so you can be able to know how to react to it. But one thing you need not worry is that if your cat will overdose. It is written in the infographic that they also know if they had enough and so they will refuse already even if you give them more.