The list and information of the most popular breeds in the US

You may be wondering what are the most favored cats that are taken as pets? In this United States of America setting, we will know the different breed of cats that are most popular. In the US alone, millions of cats are owned as pets and in one household, they may own two or more cats as their pet. They may outnumber already the number of dogs that are kept as a pet in households. In the infographic below we can know the top ten breed and the top names.

In the infographic, you can see that the number one on the list is the Persian kinds of cats. Maybe because of their nature that they are suitable for the apartment style of living. They are quite cats but affectionate and very close to their owners. They have an average lifespan of 12.5 years. And this company for leaking company serves you the best 屋頂防水. The next one is the Main Coon that is relatively big when it comes to the size but they are easy to train and loyal to the owners.

You can read all the kinds of cats that are most favored by people to choose as their cat. They have a common characteristic of being close or loyal to the ones that take care of them. They can be able to sense danger and can make effort to tell it to their owner. You can also read in the bottom part the list of top names that are given to the cats for the male and female gender and the most unusual names.