Similarities and Differences: Man vs. Animals

Surely, man can never be compared with animals. Animals were created to help, support, and feed mankind in order to survive. Although man is considered as an animal, man’s level is totally different with the others. The level of intelligence of men  is  far higher than any other animals living on Earth. To understand this better, the infographic below will help you.

As you can see in the infographic, there may be some similarities between man and animals. However, the difference is still  great. Any animal only focuses on its own survival. What about us? Of course, we also think on how to survive this is why we have to work. This could be one of the greatest similarities of man and animals. But the thing is, we consider other things.


As human beings, we know how to communicate well with others either through speaking or sign language. We can be considerate of others and treat them as one of our family members though we are not related with them. Man is an advanced thinker unlike the real animals. Our empathy or sympathy for others is great.


Animals have a special way to communicate with the other animals. Amazing thing is, they can’t communicate verbally but can communicate using sign or body language. They are also considerate of other animals. They care for their family and mother animals have a special kind of love for their young just like human beings. Animals have an amazing characteristic of being aware of the environment. This is good for their own safety and protection.