Persian Cat Training

There are animals which are very talented. One of them is the Persian Cat. If you train this cute and special cat breed, you can bring out the best of it. Training an animal is quite difficult but at the same time, fun and enjoyable. The Persian cat is a very popular cat breed. If you plan to train this cat, you will surely enjoy it. It has a gentle characteristic so you will not loss your patience while training it.

How to train a Persian Cat? There are different training which you can do with your cat. Follow some of the simple yet effective tips that will make your cat obey your command.

First, Prepare some treats. This will serve as a reward for obedience.

Second, Build a good conversation with your cat. This is very important for a good relationship between the trainer and the cat. If you establish a good conversation with your cat, then it will help your cat be used to it until such time you can use it for good training.

Third, Make a noise or sound which will be familiar to your cat. This is best to do when you call your cat to eat. Create a familiar sound before feeding your cat. It will serve as a sign for meal time. For example, if you make a sound like saying “meow” to call your cat’s attention, that will be remembered by your cat.

Lastly, Never punish your cat. Persian cats always want a good relationship with the trainer. So, if you want your cat to follow your command, reward it rather than punish it.